Home Made, Nutritious Ready Meals

Home Made, Nutritious Ready Meals

My dream is to produce food, which is healthy, wholesome & nutritious.

Being farmers, at the minute we don't have to facilities to butcher our own animals or process the meat from our animals.

I had to find someone who not only had the facilities, but the hearty, wholesome thinking.

I have found just the person. Ange who has her own little business, home baking some of the most wonderful bakes & cakes.

Ange also makes savoury bits and bobs, sausage rolls and pies.

My ready meal idea has been at the back of my mind for sometime and when first meeting Ange at a horse riding event I knew she was the person for the job!

Meeting Ange and discussing our new exciting idea was the best. She was so encouraging and positive we both said when do we start!

The next week I loaded boxes of our grass finished Dexter Beef mince along with a bag full of our home grown spuds and headed over to Ange's home where she does all of her tasty cooking.

We had made the decision to make 4 meals, they are - 

Beef Hotpot


Lasagne (my fav)

Cottage Pie

In every meal you will find the freshest of herbs and vegetables along with our wonderful meats. They are a real wholesome meal and full of nutritious ingredients. Every meal is freshly cooked and to re warm I placed the meals in the air fryer for just 15 minutes, now that's convenient and quick...

The meals are based on 2 sharing, but they are rather large and could possibly feed up to 4 people. You could also cut them down and freeze portions of the meals.

All of the packaging is freezeable and recyclable.

We have added them to our online farm shop and they have been so popular.

One of our customers said this yesterday, on our social media pages......

'Just had the amazing hotpot. It was beautiful. Highly recommend'

Like our boxes we will be delivering our ready meals locally and Nationwide

CLICK HERE to order yours https://www.unthank-meat.co.uk/delicious-nutritious-home-made-ready-meals