Can I collect my order?
Unfortunately not at the moment. We don't have a shop at the farm (yet!), delivery is the only option. 

Can I freeze my order once it has arrived?
Our meat is delivered in freezable packaging. The cuts are frozen from fresh and can be kept for up to 6 months.

Is all meat 100% grass fed?
During spring and summer our animals graze across our fields and eat just that. Throughout the winter months they live in barns with lots of fresh hay, which we grow and harvest for them. No other feed source is given.

Can I buy individual cuts of meat?
Here at Unthank Hall Traditional Meats, it has always been our mission to reduce food waste to the absolute minimum by encouraging people to eat the entire animal. Instead of selling individual cuts, we offer selection meat boxes containing a variety of cuts. These are created to be versatile and may get you cooking dishes you have never tried before!

Do you buy meat from other farmers?
No, nothing is bought in. All of our produce that is available to order will always be from our own farm.

How do I buy local meat?
Farms these days are actively looking to sell meat locally so try contacting them directly. Like Unthank Farm, they may not have a shop but are more than happy to deliver. If you are struggling to find your local farms try a website like https://www.farminguk.com/farm-shops-map. Finally, local butchers are a great place to try.