Piglets First Day Out

Piglets First Day Out

From the moment they first arrived on the farm, the new piglets have been a joy to watch.

They have loved routing around in the soil, exploring new places to dig and loving their new arc full to the brim with straw.

We couldn't find them all this morning as they had buried themselves deep under the straw. They were all snuggled up together in their new home, lovely and cosy.

I could sit and watch them doing what they do best all day, but I do have to look after all of the animals on the farm, not just the new piglets.

All of our pigs around the farm live outdoors, I couldn't think of them living another way. Pigs are so intelligent and clean, even outside they have a certain place to pee and poop.

They love routing for underground goodies and doing this makes their nose so incredibly strong. 

Not only do they eat naturally buried foods we also feed them a mix of crops we have grown here on the farm, nothing artificial of any kind gets fed to our piggy's.

They mature at a natural rate and live in a natural environment and because of this we believe that's what makes are pork so unbelievably tasty and tender.

This is day one and I cant wait to take you on their journey with us here at Unthank Holmesfield.