Raw Milk from Hassop

Raw Milk from Hassop

Carrying on from my social post regarding the health benefits that have been proven when drinking Raw Milk.

The food we eat and drink is huge to our health!

To all of the emulsifiers, palm oil & acids found to fill and bind food is crazy.

Its no different for milk, not that things get added its what gets removed when pasteurizing or homogenized.

The difference between raw and pasteurized milk is that raw milk comes straight from the cow to the bottle.

Raw milk retains all of its beneficial enzymes, protein, vitamins and minerals. When milk is pasteurized these amazing nutrients dilute or get destroyed.

Our bodies can readily absorb and use these nutrients more, strengthening our gut microbiome. Its a pre & probiotic!

The health benefits associated with drinking raw milk is huge- check them out!

Reduces allergies & asthma

Improve skin health

Balance hormones

Prevent nutrient deficiencies.

Reduces inflammation.

And if that wasn't enough, the taste is fresher and I think sweeter and dont forget because raw milk is a living food, it will ferment into a new food product to use. Amazing right? Think buttermilk, yogurt and sour cream.

We buy our raw milk from a little farm shop a short drive away in Hassop the address is - Home Farm, Hassop DE45 1NS

If you try it for the first time, let me know your thoughts.

Charlotte xx